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MPR 2.0L FSDE Forged Short Block

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MPR is proud to offer our forged FSDE short block for the Protege community. This is our favorite combination we've found and are confident it will hold up to just about anything thrown at it. We can build from a good engine core you provide or from one of our cores for an additional charge.

Due to their tedency to break and the removal process, we delete the oil squirters by default.

We have chosen to follow the traditional definition of a short block. Therefore, our short blocks only include the assembled block and rotating assembly. This allows you to select your own oil pump, seals, and oil pan.

Please ship only the assembled block with rotating assembly if you are ordering a short block.

New Parts Included:
- Wiseco 2618 Pistons
- Molnar H-Beam Rods
- ACL or King or Clevite Bearings depending on availibility.
- ARP Main Studs
- New Oil Galley Plugs
- New Freeze Plugs if required.
- New Engine Dowels if required.

Additional Recommended Parts:
We cannot stress enough the requirement for an upgraded oil pump. The FSDE oil system is one of the weakest parts of the platform. In theory, deleting the oil squirters will provide additional oil pressure to the bearings but alone, this is not enough. At a minimum, we recommend the Boundary FSFP-S2 oil pump. In addition, a deep sump oil pan is also highly recommended for additional capacity.

Our ideal oil setup for this engine would be a bypassed oil pump system (DocB) with a deep sump oil pan (AWR, Hydra).

The Process:
- Your used short block arrives at MPR, is completely disassembled and inspected. If the engine has had a failure, we'll determine the reason.

- Components being reused are thoroughly cleaned in our hot tank. Cores are inspected for cracks and abnormal wear. Measurements are taken to determine sizing for new components.

- ARP studs are installed, the line bore checked and machined as necessary. Cylinders are bored and torque plate honed to accept the new pistons. The block is resurfaced for flatness and deburred. The crankshaft is checked and balanced. Components go back into the hot tank for a final cleaning.

- The engine is painted, the rotating assembly is balanced, ring gaps are set, oil clearances verified, any plugs and dowels are installed, and the engine is assembled.

- The completed engine is bagged and wrapped for cleanliness during shipment or while awaiting pickup.

Engines should be shipped in the condition they're being rebuilt to. (Ex: If we're building a short block, only send the block complete with the assembled rotating assembly.) Any additional parts bolted to the engine will incur additional labor charges. The customer is responsible for arranging shipment from their location to Martin's Performance & Restomod. If shipping via LTL freight, we are a commercial location, have a forklift on site, and do not require a lift gate. If you are delivering the engine yourself, we are always open Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm but we can be at the shop at any time if arranged beforehand.

Our address is:
102 Commerce St
Stuart, VA 24171

Upon completion of your engine, we will contact you with a shipping quote that must be paid prior to your engine being shipped. Shipping is usually around $400 for a short block depending on your location and lift gate requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I provide parts or select different parts for my engine? Yes, however this will require a custom engine quote. Please email us at If parts are provided, they must be in good condition and we reserve the right to refuse their use if they do not meet our standards.

Is complete payment required up front? Currently we do require the engine to be paid for in full before shipment to our facility. We have limited space and storing engines awaiting payment doesn't interest us. In addition, we specialize in quickly turning projects, creating multiple invoices and chasing payments adds additional time to each build.

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